Growing together.

Middle school and high school can be tough and confusing. Every teen wants to live an extraordinary life, but sometimes it's easy to get paralyzed by fear, insecurity, and the pressures that come with being a teenager. Maybe you've found yourself wondering, “Am I important? Do people even like me? Is there really a purpose to my life...and if there is, will it be fun?”

Called To Greatness youth ministry helps middle and high school students gain clarity and direction about their life’s purpose, as well as the confidence, security, and support they need to live it out.
Whether we're meeting for small groups or a big event, we're always having a great time together!
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Fun with a purpose

Big Events

Each month, teens from grades 6 through 12 gather together over food and a fun activity. These big events are an opportunity for teens to connect with each other across ages and schools and introduce friends to the love and life found in Christ. Be on the lookout for our next Big Event!

Night of Heroes

God is looking for young men to step up and make an impact on their generation. Not with high-tech shields, powers, and costumes... but with the superpowers of faith, courage, and a willingness to serve. This one-night conference for middle school boys features special speakers, food, prizes, and tons of fun!

Straight Up Beautiful

This one-night conference for middle school girls invites them to discuss the truth about love, friendships, identity, and purpose, all while having plenty of fun together. There’ll be food, games, prizes, and we’ll even send girls home with some awesome giveaways!

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Small Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Discipleship groups create an environment where teens can know one another and be known. Groups usually meet weekly or every two weeks in homes across the city, sharing food, discussing God’s Word, praying, and looking for opportunities to serve one another and our city. Fill out the form below to get your teen connected.

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