Who we are

How it all started...

We began simply: a few people in a living room with a vision of reaching people with God’s love. From the start, the vision was way more than a building; it was about people. The idea was to help people discover God’s purpose for their lives and advance His kingdom into every area of life. While the buildings have changed over the last 30 years and we’ve grown way past a living room, those basic core ideas are still at the heart of what we do around here. It’s a community. We’re genuine, fresh, alive, family, and we’re committed to living this journey together.

Our story is constantly expanding. We span different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Together we form a unique group that is ever looking for new ways to explore and understand who God is and how He can bring real change to this world.

We invite you to come be part of the story God is telling in and through our community. Join us for one of our 10 a.m. Sunday services or reach out using the contact form below. We look forward to meeting you!

Meet the staff

John McDermott

Senior Pastor

Sarah Reid

Youth Director

Sarah Irby

Creative Director

Rick Mullen

Executive Pastor

Steve Strom

Facility Care Director

Conor Rea

Children's Ministry Co-Director

Pam McDermott

Community Life Director

Marianne Hoffman

Office Administrator

Hannah Willcox

Children's Ministry Co-Director

Campus Staff


KU Campus

Our Core Values

We are a diverse community of disciples of Jesus, committed to the mission of disciple-making. Our core values shape the way we do life together and influence our relationships, work, and service.

You can't do life alone

Jesus didn't do life alone. From dinners, to ministry, to time praying with the Father, Jesus chose to include others in His life. When we choose to take on the challenges of doing life with other people, we get to be part of something greater than ourselves - God's narrative of restoration for all humanity.

Growing People Change

God is a good Father and wants His children to grow into the fullness of our image-bearing potential, with all the responsibility and authority that status implies.  Allowing Jesus to do His transformative work in our lives is a life-long endeavor that molds us more into His image-bearers who are capable of bringing love, hope, and restoration to all people.

Found People Find People

Jesus spoke of lost coins and sheep, He pursued sinners, and He invited His friends to do the same. He said that all of heaven throws a party over even one person coming home to God. Church should feel like what Jesus described: a big, messy, festive Welcome Home party where the found are finding the lost and celebrating them as they experience new life.

Empowered People Create Solutions

In the very beginning, God gave humans the authority and responsibility to cultivate the earth, harness its raw potential, and move creation forward. Understanding that there is no sacred/secular divide has the potential to radically shift us into a more meaningful and integrated understanding of our life and work. We then realize that the church isn't a building, but a community of Jesus followers on a mission to restore every sphere of society back to God's original plan of wholeness and unity with Him, every day of the week!

Joined Generations Go Farther

Each generation has something to offer and learn from the others. As we learn to give and receive in authentic community, we bless and benefit from one another. Hard won truths and lessons can be offered up as wisdom. Energy and strength can be offered up in service. Generational partnership in the Kingdom of God produces a culture where people of all ages and backgrounds can thrive, and God causes something beautiful to grow.

Be a part of God's story in our community...

Join us every Sunday as we gather together at 10 am.

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