Church is the primary expression
of God’s purpose and love in a community.

Change often begins with us working together to take small steps of love and kindness, right where we are. The world needs people who listen well, encourage, and help meet practical needs. Below you’ll find  opportunities that will bless, heal, and bring hope and practical help to people in need in our community.

Serving Lawrence together

Providing nourishment during transitions

Make them a Meal

A meal from a friend is such a blessing. MSC’s Make them a Meal ministry is designed to help people in our church community during times of transition or challenge such as the birth of a child, a family member in the hospital, a death in the family or other circumstances. If you are willing to prepare or purchase a meal and take it to a family, we want you on the team.

Serving Lawrence families

Family Promise helps families experiencing homelessness achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response. Morning Star, along with other local congregations, provides space in our building to serve families once a quarter. By making meals and providing hospitality in this way, we are eliminating family homelessness in our community. Prepare a meal, spend a night, and play with children to help these local families get back on their feet.

Meeting needs for children in foster care

Child welfare professionals in Lawrence are overwhelmed daily by the needs of children and families right here in our community. CarePortal bridges the gap between children in need and churches who want to help. If you’re willing to receive an email and meet a need when you can, this is for you!

Have your voice heard

Our Christian faith’s call to recognize the image of God in every person and to love our neighbor as ourselves compels us to speak into the public square to promote justice and moral order. We have a responsibility as followers of Jesus to seek common ground and the common good. With that in mind, here’s contact information of our state and local officials so your voice can be heard.

Serve at Morning Star


Does the idea of making a difference in a child’s life excite you? There’s a place for you on the team that makes Sunday mornings the best hour of a child’s week.


Are you a skilled musician or singer? Do you love connecting with God through music and helping others to do the same?
This team needs your talents!


Do you love working behind the scenes to make things look and sound beautiful?
If working with sound, lighting, and other technology appeals to you, this team has a spot for you!


The Called to Greatness youth team believes mentorship is vital in a young person’s life.
If you agree and enjoy being around teens, you’d love being on this team!


Good food and decor make the world a better place. This team makes our gatherings and events extra special.
If you enjoy creating warm, inviting atmospheres, then you belong here!

First Impressions

Creating a welcoming environment for those who come through our doors honors God and connects people to life-giving relationship and resources.
If you love meeting and connecting with people, then this team may be your groove.

Facility Care

Got a green thumb? Or maybe you’re good at fixing things.
This team makes MSC look good and function smoothly, inside and out.


Film. Graphic Design. Photography. Writing. Social Media.
God loves to creatively communicate His story through His people in a way that influences perspectives, heals hearts, and changes lives.

Questions about serving?

We love to clarify what it looks like to volunteer.
Please reach out if you have any questions.